Qore Episode 06 Home Beta Update


Did you get this email?



As an update to the PLAYSTATION(R)3 News email sent on Friday, October 24th, the special invitation to PlayStation(R)Home's closed beta is available only to Qore annual subscribers who purchased subscriptions by 10/29. Qore Episode 06 purchasers will not be eligible for the special PlayStation(R)Home beta invitation at this time. We apologize for the miscommunication.

Participation in PlayStation(R)Home's closed beta is limited to those 18 years and older and requires agreement with the PlayStation(R)Home Beta Trial.


So, only those that pay for an annual subscription to Qore get into Home's closed beta and not those that purchased Qore Episode 06 only. PS3 fanboy's can't be happy about this. Home is suppose to be free, why are they charging to get into the beta?

What do you think of this?


Larry L said...

It's still in closed Beta. Not public. Getting into closed betas is what Qore subscribers are paying for. If you don't want to subscribe you wait for the public beta like everyone else. Just because YOU don't think Qore is worth a magazine subscription, doesn't mean it isn't. I love it, though I do wish the videos were longer. This is the same exact reason I subscribed to OPM when it was availible in the States. Demos and beta invites from the PlayStation Underground. Qore is just what OPM evolved into for the US,

Anonymous said...

You PS3 fanboys complain how much XBOX LIVE costs yet Sony nicelks and dimes you for all sorts of stuff and you can't see that you're paying just as much for PSN related things. Hey I have all 3 consoles and all I'm gonna say is that you get what you pay for. I want to actually PLAY in an online community, not sit and wait for others like I have to so many times on PSN.

tom said...

I bought a ps3 at launch and home was suppose to be out by the end of what year?

Anonymous said...

I understand wanting to reward people who have made the annual subscription to Qore. That's cool. I'm pissed off about telling us that an invite will be in Qore Episode 6, then turning around saying "no, wait, our bad, only annual members, and only if you subscribed by 10/29" Also, this email was sent at 1am 10/30, there by screwing everyone who would have bought a subscription to Qore, cause we wanted the invite.
This is ridiculous, telling us a details like that after the deadline. F-ing Shame on PS Underground.

Sinlock said...

I'm a bit put off that Sony has been touting HOME Public Beta in October for a few months now. Now I figured it would be at the tail end of Oct, so I didn't get too worked up till we all got the news about the Qore release. I thought 2.99 was a fair price for advanced use of HOME and planed to buy the Nov issue. But then SONY issued the change; after their the terms had already passed. (10/29)

I hope someone at SONY asks, how many 2.99 buys did we just miss out on that could have also led to full Qore annual subscriptions? Because no one had the chance to make use of the new Qore/HOME info.

Now it's Sony's right to market HOME however it sees fit, but the constant letdown and slow ramp up have acted as a buzz kill. Just look at all the HOME blogs that have gone silent or dark.

Anonymous said...

it was a rumor that it would be in qore episode 6, i tell you know i was happy to be an annual subscriber before i heard of that. calling all cars and just the cool stuff you get and that we may get for being subscribers is great.

as for the first anonymous post, i dont know what the hell you're talking about that sony is charging us for all bunch of random stuff. the only thing i pay for id rock band songs which is the same as Live charges and Quore which is a subscription to a kind of magazine/tv show that gives a bunch of free demos and beta codes.

if your talking about nickel and diming, you should look at the 360. you buy the system, but then you need to buy batteries, or a charger pack, you have to pay whatever for live, hd dvd adapter (out of date but thats an example) and lets not forget, a wireless adapter! so really do equal to what you get with a ps3 out of the box, you have to dish out an extra $200 ontop of the price, and even more if you just get the core bundle without a hard drive...